Raft Wars 1
Raft Wars 1
Raft Wars 1
Raft Wars 1
Raft Wars 1

Raft Wars 1


You and your brother Simon will need to protect your loot from opponents of all types in
Martijn Kunst's entertaining, level-based shooting game known as Raft Wars.
You'll need to concentrate on your aim and strength to combat vikings,
pirates, gangs, and more when you're initially just equipped with your raft and a few tennis balls!
Hit your opponent to cause them to fall off their raft or to lose all of their health until they do!
To access grenades, rockets, and raft improvements, earn money by taking calculated shots.
Raft Wars may now be played on desktops and mobile devices in HTML5,
despite being originally designed in Flash.

Game developer


Feb 22, 2023


Use arrow keys to play
Use your mouse to play