Retro Bowl
Retro Bowl
Retro Bowl
Retro Bowl
Retro Bowl

Retro Bowl


Retro Bowl is an American style football game created by New Star Games.
Are you ready to manage your dream team into victory?
Be the boss of your NFL franchise, expand your roster, take care of your press duties to keep your team and fans happy.
The endless ways to customize your team and strategy will ensure the game will never get repetitive or boring.
You can even edit the name, jersey, or location of every player!
With the help of the free agency, you can easily improve or rebuild your team to your liking.
Retro Bowl has the perfect mix of control and auto-play,
so you won't be able to put down this gloriously retro-styled team management game!
Pass the grade and take your team all the way to the ultimate prize!
Are you ready for the Super Bowl? Super Bowl LVII is coming up February 12th!
Will it be the Kansas City Chiefs with quarterback Patrick Mahomes?
Or will it be the Philadelphia Eagles with Jalen Hurts leading the offense?
Choose your favourite team and change the color of your version of Retro Bowl to the colors of your team!
Click on the paint brush in the main menu to swap! Retro Bowl can be played on your PC.
And since Retro Bowl's 2021 update it can played on the web using your mobile phone and tablet!

How to play Retro Bowl

Navigate - Mouse / Trackpad

Select - LMB

Game developer

New Star Games

Release Date


Use arrow keys to play
Use your mouse to play